The Global Peace Concert (GPC)

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The Global Peace Concert (GPC)
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Request for Proposals (RFP) on the Global Peace Concert (GPC)

 ONE dynamic Concert Producer to design and manage an international, high-profile public peace concert (connect with us through our Contact Us page). We need a company that enjoys encouraging our global family and benefiting humankind to propel the culture of peace on Earth.

This is our DREAM for the birthplace of Dr. King. We intend to locate & engage some widely respected concert producers and promoters so "The World's Biggest Peace Concert" will nurture Global Peace for our Global Family. Our dream is that this concert will be held in "the heart of Atlanta" which is Centennial Olympic Park. This location has a 200,000 attendance capacity and the concert can be televised to hundreds of millions.

Because of Dr. Martin Luther King's internationally respected peace legacy, plus his direct connection to Mahatma Gandhi, millions and hundreds of millions of people worldwide already look to his birthplace, Atlanta, as a city of peace. Securing some internationally-ranked concert producer for this soon-to-be "world's biggest peace concert" will: 1) formalize the idea of Atlanta being a global capital of peace and, 2) nurture Atlanta's greatest asset. This amazing asset or legacy is best-termed: 'The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection.' Developing this huge peace concert is a major peace project and one of several being created by Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP). We invite and welcome YOU to participate as an official ambassador with us (regardless of where on Earth you live).

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